Friday, March 17, 2006

Testing - Boiling water Posted by Picasa

The rocket flame Posted by Picasa

Finished stove Posted by Picasa

A low cost, less smoke, efficient rocket stove has been designed using bricks and locally available clay based on Dr. Larry Winarsky's principle of a rocket stove. This stove costing less than Rs. 25.00 (<$1) and was constructed within half-an-hour. About 18 bricks are used (even 16 bricks can also be used). The fire place is about 5"x5" inches at a height of 13 inches from base. A grate of 2 inches height is used above which the dry sticks are placed for burning. The results are good, within 3 minutes a liter of water could be brought to near boiling temperature.

I have designed this stove which is more efficient than the existing chullahs (or stoves) in rural areas and are very much suitable for adaptation by poor households.